Community Feedback Request - Memorial Park, Jamestown

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Inspections were carried out on all playgrounds in the Northern Areas Council in April 2018.

The large combination unit at Memorial Park in Jamestown which was installed in the year 2000 was found to have considerable rust in the ramp and various decks.

It was advised that the cost to repair would exceed the value of the play equipment and subsequently the recommendation has been made for it to be replaced.

As this is one of the major playgrounds in the Council area it has been decided to replace the entire combination unit and repair/replace any other existing structures which are in need of significant maintenance.

The Northern Areas Council has sought submissions from several playground suppliers and designers.

Council would now like feedback from the community regarding which of the six designs would be most suitable for the park and the wider community.


Option 1 - View 1(494 kb)

Option 1 - View 2(403 kb)

Option 2 - View 1(966 kb)

Option 2 - View 2(1033 kb)

Option 3 - View 1(457 kb)

Option 3 - View 2(465 kb)

Option 4 - View 1(474 kb)

Option 4 - View 2(443 kb)

Option 5 - View 1(825 kb)

Option 5 - View 2(823 kb) 

Option 6 - View 1(900 kb)

Option 6 - View 2(980 kb)


Designs can be viewed through the links below and will be available for comment until 31st August 2018. Please click here(37 kb) to download the feedback form and return to


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