Mid North STARCLUB Field Officer program                                  

The Mid North STARCLUB Field Officer program is a joint initiative of the Office for Recreation and Sport and five local Government areas.

Participating Councils include:  Port Pirie Regional Council, District Council of Mount Remarkable, District Council of Orroroo Carrieton, District Council of Peterborough and the Northern Areas Council.  This large geographical area is home to approximately 250 sport and active recreation clubs and associations. 

The STARCLUB Field Officer works with the community to:

  • Develop and maintain a strong, vibrant sporting and active recreation culture
  • Increase community participation in sport and active recreation
  • Improve the quality of sport and active recreation opportunities
  • Develop and maintain well managed sustainable sporting and active recreation clubs and associations

The STARCLUB Field Officer is an important community sport and active recreation resource and is able to support and assist local clubs and associations in many ways, including:

  • Work with clubs and associations on strategies to maintain or increase their memberships
  • Increase awareness of funding opportunities available to the sport and active recreation community
  • Develop strategies and policies with clubs and associations that encourage safe and supportive environments
  • Facilitate a range of training and development opportunities for coaches, officials and volunteers in clubs and associations
  • Work with clubs and associations on strategies to recruit, retain and reward volunteers
  • Advocate for and liaise on behalf of clubs and associations with Council, State Sporting Organisations and other interested parties

Clubs and associations are encouraged to utilise the STARCLUB Club Development Program to achieve club excellence and sustainability.  This voluntary, free, online program is recognised throughout the State sports industry as a best practice governance model and highly regarded by organisations looking to invest in the sport and active recreation sector.

To find out how the Mid North STARCLUB Field Officer may be able to assist your club or association contact Rhys Millington at or call 8633 8727 or 0488 101 783

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