Media Release - Council Halls

19th June 2020


19 June 2020

Council Halls

The Northern Areas Council wish to advise that we will be reopening all of our halls as from Monday 22 June 2020.

The halls will have some restrictions of use on them which are based around the number of people who can be in the hall at one time.

South Australian Government regulations still state even though restrictions are being eased that each person must have 4 square metres of room. (1 person per 4 m2).

Therefore the number of people in a hall will be based on the floor size of the hall, ie if the floor space is 240 m2, then 60 people can be in the hall. All halls therefore will have a different amount of people allowed in a hall.

The other condition of use is that all the halls must have a COVID-19 Safe Plan in place before the hall can be used. This plan outlines the number of people who can be in the hall, signage, hygiene and physical distancing; Council will be preparing these plans for the reopening. All users of the hall will have to comply with the COVID-19 Safe Plan.

The most up to date and trusted information and alerts regarding the Coronavirus should be sourced directly from the lead agencies dealing with the Coronavirus –

Any queries please contact:
Colin Byles
Chief Executive Officer
Northern Areas Council
Phone: 08 8664 1139