South Australia’s New Planning System Update

30th June 2020

DPTI Planning & Design Code

South Australia’s new Planning System update

The Planning and Design Code (the Code) for South Australia’s outback and rural areas is now available to the general public for familiarisation purposes.
The Code is accessible via the ePlanning platform at
Through PlanSA there is a helpline which is now active should community members have any queries regarding the Code or the ePlanning system.
Council’s own staff may be referring customers to this helpline too as the system is new to council staff as well.
The PlanSA helpline can be reached on 8456 4840.
A series of community webinars to support the public familiarisation stage for the online Code (Outback and Rural Areas) will be held in July.
These sessions will explore how to access South Australia’s online Planning and Design Code, how to navigate the Code and understand how the Code applies to rural South Australia.
Dates are:
1 July 2020 - 10am – 11am
8 July 2020 - 1pm – 2pm
14 July 2020 - 6pm – 7pm
20 July 2020 - 3pm – 4pm
27 July 2020 - 5pm – 6pm
To register visit EventBrite or the SA Planning Portal events calendar.

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