Swimming Pools

Swimming pools including portable inflatable pools exceeding a depth of 300 mm or having a filtration system require Council planning and building rules approval.

Swimming pool applications require details of:

  • Site plan, distance of pool from existing buildings onsite
  • Pool construction- above ground or in ground pool
  • Pool isolation  fencing including gate access to the pool
  • Specifications- filtration system suction points, ladders and water disposal.

Safety fencing must be competed before the pool is filled with water. Safety fencing for an in ground pool must a continuous fence not less than 1.2 metres in height with a self closing gate with a latching device not less than 1.5 metres from ground level.

Above ground pools must be either fenced, or if 1.2 metres above ground level, or if no part of the pool providing a means of climbing into the pool the ladder can be isolated by an enclosure.

Boundary fences forming part of the pool enclosure must be 1.8 metres high.

From October 2008 if a property on which a swimming pool is located is not sold the swimming pool continues to comply with the old Swimming Pool Safety Act. If the property is sold the safety fencing is inspected and if necessary must be upgraded to current standards.

Download the brochure Is your swimming pool kid safe(292 kb) for general guidelines.  

The Minister's Specification SA 76D provides the new prescribed requirements for upgrading prescribed swimming pools. Download from the SA Department of Planning and Local government Minister's Specification SA 76D(294 kb)

Visit the SA Department of Planning and Local Government web site page on Swimming Pool Safety  for an overview of the most current and relevant legislation including downloadable resources and useful links.