Virtual House Tool

Check out the Virtual House Tool

‘Virtual House’ is an easy to use graphic illustration of an ‘average’ family home, with a number of interactive elements which users can hover over, to receive planning information and answers about property renovations or additions they may be considering.

Applications for simple additions like backyard sheds and fences will no longer require planning approval and will be in an ‘exempt’ category. Other minor additions, such as carports or verandas, will be assessed as ‘accepted’ development because they have minimal impacts beyond the boundaries.

It is important to note that, while small changes to homes may not need planning approval, they still require building approval.

The Virtual House tool provides a useful way of understanding how the new planning assessment system and legislation will work for simple applications, and gives users helpful tips about the next steps, including whether you should contact Council for advice or assistance.

How to use the Virtual House

  • Follow the link by clicking here to go to the SA Planning Portal Website
  • Click on the Virtual House Option
  • Click or hover over the part of the house you are planning to build or change. You can also select this from the menu.
  • Type in your property address. You will be shown whether approval is required or not with advice on next steps.
  • Contact the Planning department at Council if you’re not sure whether approval is needed or have a question about what to do next.


Virtual House Tool image