Building a Dam

Are you thinking of building a new dam, deepening or enlarging an existing dam? This is a water affecting activity that may require a permit from Natural Resources Management Board and development approval from Council.

Development Approval is required from Council if any of the following apply:

The excavation or filling (or excavation and filling) of land for the purposes of a dam;

(a)        Where a levee or mound with a finished height greater than 3 metres above the natural surface of the ground is to be formed; or

(b)        Where a retaining wall which retains a difference in ground levels exceeding 1 metre is to be used or formed; or

(c)        Where the dam is in the Hills Face Zone, in a Watercourse Zone, Flood Zone or Flood Plain delineated by the relevant Development Plan, or in any other zone or area shown as being subject to flooding or inundation in the relevant Development Plan; or

(d)        Where the dam is to have a capacity exceeding 5 megalitres.

Water affecting activities – Farm Dam Fact Sheet(409 kb)