Council carries out a range of works, many of which are achieved with a variety of contract services. These may range from professional consultancies through trade based construction type contract services and service agreements and contracts for ongoing service delivery.

All works carried out through Council are subject to the requirements of the WHS Act and Regulations (SA) 2012. Council participates in a Local Government Insurance Scheme which requires a level of auditable documentation to ensure risks to both Council, and organisations providing contracted services, are adequately mitigated and appropriately allocated.

Contractors and consultants are required to have relevant licences plus current insurances for the key areas of risk involved in the services they provide.

The Contractor Registration Form (Download below) is required to be completed to confirm a range of standard information is in place and a copy of current documents (including relevant licences) are to be supplied to the Council before works commence.

Subject to the works being contracted, additional documents may be required before works can commence. If the works involve high risk activities as defined under the WHS Act Section 291, a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is required to be provided that adequately mitigates the known hazards.

For hazards otherwise identifiable in reviewing the work to be carried out, organisations should be able to provide as a minimum, other documentation such as a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), a Safe Work Practice or Procedure (SWP) and Safety Data Sheets for chemical products intended for use in the contracted works. The terminology for these documents may be different such as JSEA or SOP however the intent is that hazards are identified; the risks evaluated, and mitigation measures referencing the Hierarchy of Control are implemented to ensure a safe work place for workers and general public is achieved.

Codes of Practice

For more complex or hazardous works, contractors may be required to more fully detail how their work practices meet the requirements of applicable Australian Standards or the Codes of Practice which have been developed to support the WHS Act and Regulations (SA) 2012 with advice on how to meet the various requirements. 


All Contractors are required to undergo a council WHS Induction covering basic issues pertinent to working for council plus a site induction. This may be extended to incorporate site specific hazards that require particular mitigation practices, subject to the site and other concurrent activities.

Contractors working on construction work are required to have an Industry Induction card which may also be known as a White Card or similar depending on the State from which it has been issued.