Public Open Spaces

Council has either ownership or care and control of a substantial area of land which is used for a range of purposes. Different areas are given classifications to assist in managing the maintenance requirements of features of the land types e.g. cemeteries or sports grounds, playgrounds or road reserve verges. The table below provides a snapshot of the land Council manages directly or indirectly through community groups and clubs.



Land area in Hectares

Conservation and Heritage

Includes cemeteries and Natural vegetation reserves



Creek and river reserves


Linear and Linkage

Walking trails, medians and township approach road verges



Includes playgrounds and developed park land


Sporting Grounds

Includes Bowls, Football Tennis


Utilities and Services

CWMS, Transfer stations


Nominal Total


A substantial additional area is managed as cropping land through service groups and clubs. This area is not noted in the values above.

Council maintains Community Lands Management Plans which assist in determining service levels for the various activities undertaken on public open spaces.

Tresylva Park Management Plan

Through an initiative of community groups in Gladstone, a plan to renew a range of park features and improve aspects of the park over the next few years has been developed and adopted by council. The plan has broad community support and once completed will have rejuvenated the park and its attraction to the general public.

Tresylva Park Management Plan(5361 kb)