Kerbside Collection

Council provides a Kerbside collection to the majority of the Council district. This comprises of waste in a single 140 litre red lid bins every week and recycling every second week in a single 240 litre green lid bin. Residents who are able to access the service are charged a separate waste levy clearly identifiable in the rates notice.

Additional collections can be paid for in advance. Audits may be conducted from time to time to determine if residents are receiving the service level they are paying for.

The collection is an “overnight” service which simply means that those participating in the service need to put their bin out the night before collection day to be confident of having the bin collected.

The service operates on a tight time frame where retracing routes needs to be avoided to fit in the designated route each day. From time to time, the route taken by the operator may change for operational reasons. As a result, the time for the pick up may alter without notice. If the bin is placed out for collection the night before, there is a much reduced likelihood of the collection being missed.

Information regarding the collection days for waste can be downloaded below and Download the My Local Services App to get a friendly reminder each week.

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