Applications for Schedule 9 Fire Permits and Submission of Intention to Burn Notifications

Council is introducing an online platform for lodging Broadacre Burning Permits. This means you apply for a permit and notify of your intention to burn through the Council online platform at your convenience (rather than contacting Council and the CFS).

Broadacre Burning Permits can be applied for online using the Broadacre Burning Application Form - follow this link

Council will receive the application, assess, and issue a Schedule 9 Broadacre Burning Permit.

Council no longer issue permits for single days, instead a season permit will be issued with the permit holder having the requirement to lodge their intention to burn through Council’s online burning notification portal - follow this link

Permit holders need to enter their full name, permit number, contact number and properties to be burnt, or mark their properties on the online map.

To ensure you obtain a permit prior to your intended burn date, please allow up to 48 hours for Council to receive, assess, and issue the Schedule 9 Broadacre Burning Permit.

It is imperative that prior to lodging your notification to burn, a Schedule 9 Broadacre Burning Permit
is obtained from Council through the online platform

A map view of all planned burns is viewable to the general public at this address:

You need to ensure you are familiar with, and can adhere to, the prescribed and local conditions (as detailed in the Permit Application) to be eligible to receive a Schedule 9 Broadacre Burning Permit.

Online Notification of your Intent to Burn

The online burnoff and permit notifications allows you as a land owner to notify Council online of your intent to burn. This also provides access for the CFS, SAPOL, and other parties, to view burn notifications in real time.

Step 1.

Select the relevant Council area from the list and the home page will display the current fire rating for the Council area. If there is a fire ban you will not be able to notify your intent to burn. Note your council may also close the notification period for other reasons such as existing fires, public holidays or weekends.

Step 2.

You can notify your intent to burn using the Submit Burn-Off Notification - Follow this link You can also view any burns already notified with the Todays Burn - Follow this link SCHEDULE 9 BROADACRE BURNING PERMIT

Step 3.

When Submitting a burn off notification please refer to the steps below.

Applicant Details.

In the Applicant Details section please enter your:

a)      Name (first name) and (last name).

b)      You must enter the number of your Broadacre Burning Permit.

c)       Enter the mobile number of the phone that will be onsite during the burn.

Step 4.

You then need to complete the Details of the Burn Off

Enter the date into the Ignition Date field – you can type in DD/MM/YYYY or select from the map. Note you will only be able to select an ignition date that is valid – normally either the current or next day.

Select the areas of your burn – the easiest way to do this is to right click on the relevant location on the map. This will populate the actual latitude and longitude of the burn off area. If burning an area select the centre of the burn. You can zoom in and out using the controls on the side of the map area. You can also turn on the satellite view of the map using the map option.

You can enter multiple locations by right clicking additional locations on the map. For each location an additional row will be created for the burn off notification.

Once you have selected your locations you need to select the Burn off type for each location from the list provided.

Enter an ignition time, hour and minute. This should be the approximate time you plan to start the burn in each location.