Food Businesses

Any activity involving the preparation, storage or transport of food that is intended for sale, or the sale of food, must be undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Food Act 2001, Food Regulations 2002 and the Food Safety Standards. All persons and businesses undertaking such activities must Notify Council under the requirements of the Food Act.

Food safety is the responsibility of the producer /person preparing or packing the food, this includes labeling of packaged food. Changes to food labeling will be introduced in July 2018. For information of food labeling click here

All businesses preparing food for sale must notify Council of the food business and the location and address of the business.

Temporary food businesses and food stalls such as those operating at festivals, markets, sausage sizzles and shows are subject to the same standards as a permanent food business.

The basic requirement for temporary food stalls and businesses is sanitation covering:

  • Food handlers
  • Protecting food from contamination
  • Utensils and equipment
  • Food preparation surfaces
  • Storage
  • Waste disposal
  • Hand washing and sanitation