Development Applications

Development Applications and how they are Assessed

Each council has a development plan containing the planning criteria that apply in that area. Applications for development plan consent and land division consent are assessed against the criteria in the development plan which consists of a range of Objectives, Principles, Procedural matters and Policies.

These cirteria may be:

  • council wide (applying across the entire council area)
  • specific to a zone
  • specific to a sub-area within a zone (such as a policy area).

Applications for building consent are assessed against the Building Rules, including the Building Code of Australia and any relevant Minister's Specifications.

The assessment process and the authority responsible for the assessment can vary, depending on the type of development being proposed. The process and authority are determined by the Development Act 1993 and the Development Regulations 2008.

For further information go to: SA Government website


Development Application & Fees

All new development, including extensions and some modifications to existing buildings, requires approval under the Development Act. Common forms of development are:

  • A change in the use of land
  • Building work (including construction, demolition or removal of a building)
  • The division of an allotment

Some activities and acts are declared to be 'not development', and therefore do not require an application or approval. Council's Planning Section can help with any enquiries about the development approval process and its requirements.

If a Waste Water Application is required to be submitted with your development application Click Here to view information on Waste Water Systems and Septic Tank. Installation/Addition of new Waste Water Systems and alteration to existing Waste Water Systems application fees are $436.00.


Preparing Your Application

Providing Council with all of the plans and documents required for the type of development you propose is the quickest way to have your application assessed.

A pre-application discussion with a Council Planning Officer by phoning 08 8664 1139 will ensure you have considered the relevant issues. 

At a minimum, all Development Applications must contain each of the following:

1. Development Application Form

This form is to be completely filled out and signed.

Development Application Form and InformationDevelopment Application Form 2018-2019(2169 kb)

2. Certificate of Title

To confirm ownership of the affected property and check boundaries.

3. Powerline Clearance Declaration Form

To confirm that your proposal satisfies the necessary setbacks from powerlines. View a copy of the declaration and information on the necessary setbacks (PDF) 

Building Near Powerlines Information(1945 kb)

4. Construction Industry Training Levy Receipt

Required for all development applications with a value of work in excess of $40,000. 

CITB Details(43 kb)

5. Plans & Drawings

Site plans and drawings will need to be provided for every Development Application. Three copies of each will usually be required, and can include:

  • Site plan of a scale no less than 1:500 (1:100 or 1:200 is preferred) 
  • Dimensioned Floor Plans, showing both existing and proposed development if applicable 
  • Dimensioned Elevations of all sides of the building 
  • Various other plans dependent on the type of development you are proposing.

Completed Development Application forms and plans can be submitted via email to

Development Application Register

Please click here to access Council's Development Application Register